The Left Shoe Company

For the past couple of months I had the pleasure of working and photographing some really nice shoes at The Left Shoe Company. Their main store is located at Melrose Ave near Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. They specialize in making customized shoes to fit you perfectly. Even though the price range is out of my range starting at $395, but they definitely look and feel amazing to wear. If your ever in the neighborhood stop by to get your foot scanned, and look at some of their awesome shoes. I used a Canon 6D along with my Canon 24-105mm f/4 for this shoot, and used two fluorescent 5500k lights for my lighting. Here are a couple of sample shots.

Man with a Movie Camera

Dziga Vertov was a known Russian filmmaker born on January 2nd, 1896, in Poland. He was a man that wanted to get away from mainstream cinema, and more importantly wanted to avoid American cliché’s. He began to be known worldwide for his unique approach to films, and more specifically coming up with new ways for making different styles of experimental film. It appears that he was not a big fan of fiction films either. He believed that narrative forms of cinema were simply not pure, and that they were delivering the wrong message to their audience. He didn’t favor movies that were trying to deliver a single straight message, but instead he wanted his audience to interact with the images, think

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