7 weeks traveling through Iran: Dizin

One of the great pleasures of visiting Iran during winter is that you get to ski in some amazing world class ski resorts. I was able to visit Dizin ski resort twice on my trip to Iran. The first time was good but the second was pretty much awesome. It had snowed the night before so we got to snowboard on some really nice fresh powder. The drive is about 64 kilometers from Tehran which takes about two hours or less to get to the top. That is if the roads are clear of snow. If not there is also a longer route available which will take you to the resort from the bottom but takes about four hours. We got lucky that the road where in good condition so we were able to go through “Jade Bala”. The r

7 weeks traveling through Iran: Visiting Kashan

After about two weeks staying in Tehran adjusting to the climate change and the air pollution I was ready to hit the road. Tehran is an amazing city full energy and life. However I needed to get out of the capital and explore more of this beautiful country, Iran. I’m glad I was able to convince one of my old friends, Shervin to come and join me on this trip as well. We met each other here at San Jose State University when I was taking a few classes back in 2005. We became good friends ever since. We decided to leave Tehran and visit Kashan, Abyaneh, and Isfahan before heading back home to Tehran again. Our first stop was Kashan. We tried leaving Tehran at a time so we wouldn’t hit too much t

7 weeks traveling through Iran: Tehran part II (Tehran’s Grand Bazaar)

Ended up visiting Tehran’s Grand Bazaar on several occasions this time around. It was packed with people and full of energy every time I was there. I would try to get up early in the morning and have some breakfast. Usually some Sangak, or Barbari with fresh Lighvan cheese. The easiest way to get to the Bazaar is with metro that is if you want to skip Tehran’s insane traffic! I have to say I loved the metro stations in Tehran. Even Though they were sometimes fully packed, but they were really clean. Things looked pretty much brand new to me, having been on the Bart and Caltrain here in California I was extremely impressed by their metro stations. It would take me about an hour to get there f

7 weeks traveling through Iran: Tehran part I

Just a few weeks ago I came back from a trip to Iran. I was there for about 7 weeks visiting old friends, family members, and traveling through Iran. During my time there I visited some of Iran’s most extraordinary places and cities meeting many generous and amazing people along the way. Tried a lot of different delicious food like Kabob, Baghali Polo, Dizi, Mahi Sefid, Delo Jigar just to name a few. I promised myself to write a few blog posted sharing my experiences, so here it goes. I started my trip in Tehran the capital city of Iran. Throughout my trip I ended up visiting Tehran, Kashan, Abyaneh, Esfahan, and Shiraz. Each place that I visited was unique in its own beautiful and simple wa

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