Food Photography for North Beach Deli

One of my favorite types of photography is definitely food. I love visiting different restaurants, and meeting up with the owners, chefs, and the people that help prepare the food. There is so much that goes into making one dish and I enjoy making them look as good as they taste. We sometime take for granted how special and amazing is to have fresh food every single day on our plates. Photographing them makes me appreciate the process once again. When I’m on set working with food I really enjoy being extra creative and work with different color and props. It’s always nice to try new things. Wooden backgrounds are probably my favorite. Another benefit of doing food photography is that you’ll

The Historical Village of Abyaneh

By far one of the coolest places we ended up visiting was the small village of Abyaneh. According to wikipedia at the 2006 census, its population was 305, in 160 families. Since it was winter I believe the population was half that size. A lot of the younger children travel to Tehran and the surrounding cities for work and warmer climate. We got there late at night around 10 or 11pm. Small snowflakes was falling from the sky. The air was cold and you couldn’t hear anything or anyone in the village. We managed to find our hotel and ended up having the entire place to ourselves since there was no one else there. The front desk receptionist was a super awesome elderly woman that had been working

7 weeks traveling through Iran: Isfahan

After staying in Kashan and exploring the beautiful city it was time to move on. The next day we woke up and hit the road towards Isfahan. The drive is about two and half hours which goes through some pretty amazing landscapes. We pulled over a few times to take photos along the way and saw some abandoned buildings. We checked in at Isfahan Traditional Hotel upon our arrival on Hakim St. The staff were very friendly and gave us some recommendations for food and places to go. The rooms were cozy, and the price was affordable as well. During our two days there we went to Shahrzad Restaurant twice since the food was so good! I tried their traditional dish Biryani, and was blown away by the amaz

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