Family photoshoot in Redwood City | California | Newborn photography session

When I began my photography career I didn’t really think I would be photographing many kids. Here we are a few years later, and I have to admit newborn photoshoots are becoming one of my favorites. I have a type of "go with the flow" attitude, and try to have fun on every single photoshoot. I always say if I’m not having fun while taking photographs then what is the point! There is so much to focus on when photographing newborns with lots of surprises. Sometime they are totally awake, while other times you can't wake them up. They laugh, cry, and sometime even pee/poop but at the end it all turns out fine. This family was especially nice, and welcoming. I went to their home and was able to s

Photographing food for Taro Bites a food delivery service

I’ve known this great company and have photographed their food for sometime now. For this photo session we ended up photographing around 50+ different dishes emphasizing on Indian and Chinese cuisine. They have many great cooks and staff preparing these meals. We ended up trying a few dishes and took some home to share with family and friends. The staff there was so kind they even made me a special chai, which was so good! Be sure to visit their website to order your next meal: Here are a few of my favorite photographs from our photo session:

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