Photoshoot California Airstream | Halfmoon Bay, California | Real Estate and Architectural Photograp

This was by far one of my favorite recent photo shoots. I got to photograph my favorite RV, the California Airstream. I’ve always been fascinated by these, and have dreamed of traveling in one through the country. The host of this airstream was super awesome. He had purchased this used from Arizona and had worked on making it a perfect little place to relax and spend some nights in. They are currently renting it out on Airbnb, so if you are interested definitely check them out. You won’t be disappointed. Here are a few of my favorites shots from our photo session:

Food Photoshoot for Osteria Al Mare | Monterey, California | Food Photography Bobak Radbin Studio

Had the pleasure of photographing some of the dishes for Maurizio Cutrignelli new Italian restaurant in Monterey, California called Osteria Al Mare . The chef and owner truly cares about his food and what he serves to his customers. I was stoked to be able to capture his art, creating unique dishes with delicious tastes. I used mainly natural light coming through the windows along the restaurant and some reflectors to achieve these photographs. Be sure to follow my blog posts for more of my upcoming projects. Here are a few of my favorites shots from our food photo session:

Christmas holiday family photo session | Ed R. Levin County Park | California

A few weeks ago I got to meet up with this family at the park in Milpitas to take some Holiday photos for them. They ended up being super nice, and we were able to capture some fun family shots. The little kiddos had a lot of energy, so I got a good amount of exercise running around the park photographing them. Wishing everyone happy holidays and a great year full of happiness and joy. Here are a few of my favorites from our family photography session at the park:

Family Photo Session | San Jose, California | Newborn Photography

Got to photograph this beautiful family a few weeks ago in San Jose, California.The parents were super sweet and we all had a great time with our photo session. I was at their house for about two hours so we got to shoot, and try different areas of the house Grandma was also there to join us, so she was especially excited about the photoshoot. Looking forward to be capturing the little kiddo has he grows up. Here are a few of my favorite photographs from our newborn photography session:

Food Photography session with El Greco Grill | California | Food Photoshoot

It was truly a pleasure working on this project with Andreas, and El Greco Grill to create these images. They are an authentic Greek Restaurant in San Jose area. These guys care a lot about their food, and have brought their traditional dishes here in the Bay Area. We ended up doing this shoot in two days focusing on the food and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. Be sure to stop by and check out their food, it’s really good! I used a combination of studio lights and natural on this photo session to create these images. Be sure to follow my blogs to learn more about the next project that I’ll be working on.

Modern Downtown Victorian real estate photo session | Campbell, California | Airbnb Photoshoot

It’s been super fun working with Airbnb on their program, and photographing some of their new unique homes. This one was especially nice because the hosts were super awesome as well. They had bought this victorian home near downtown campbell many years ago, and had spend a lot of time designing and fixing it up. I can easily say it was one of my favorite homes that I’ve photographed in a while. Not just the physical aspects of the house, but the overall feel of it. Here are a few of my favorite photographs from the day. I used my Canon 6D Mark II, with my 17-40mm f/4 lens along with my prime Canon 50mm f1.4 lense for detail shots. All natural light was used during this photo session. Be sure

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