7 weeks traveling through Iran: Tehran part II (Tehran’s Grand Bazaar)

Ended up visiting Tehran’s Grand Bazaar on several occasions this time around. It was packed with people and full of energy every time I was there. I would try to get up early in the morning and have some breakfast. Usually some Sangak, or Barbari with fresh Lighvan cheese. The easiest way to get to the Bazaar is with metro that is if you want to skip Tehran’s insane traffic! I have to say I loved the metro stations in Tehran. Even Though they were sometimes fully packed, but they were really clean. Things looked pretty much brand new to me, having been on the Bart and Caltrain here in California I was extremely impressed by their metro stations. It would take me about an hour to get there from Qeytariyeh station getting off on 15 Khordad. At the time when I was growing up in Tehran I never took the time to visit its grand bazaar, so it was always a mystery to me.

I ate at the famous Muslim Kabob and had their Baghali Polo with neck, so yummy! Bought some souvenirs for family and friends and walked around the different sections. Meet some interesting cool people and had fresh pomegranate juice too. Here are my photos from Tehran’s Grand Bazaar:

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