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Food Photography for North Beach Deli

One of my favorite types of photography is definitely food. I love visiting different restaurants, and meeting up with the owners, chefs, and the people that help prepare the food. There is so much that goes into making one dish and I enjoy making them look as good as they taste. We sometime take for granted how special and amazing is to have fresh food every single day on our plates. Photographing them makes me appreciate the process once again.

When I’m on set working with food I really enjoy being extra creative and work with different color and props. It’s always nice to try new things. Wooden backgrounds are probably my favorite.

Another benefit of doing food photography is that you’ll almost always will get to try many of their dishes which is usually pretty awesome! I did this photoshoot for a sandwich spot in Oakland, California called North Beach Deli. The owner Alec is great and very friendly too. He reached out to me for this project and we will most likely be working on many more to come. Be sure to stop by their place next time you are in the area.

For this photoshoot I used my Canon 6D with my 24-105 f/4 lens. I used a couple of reflectors, and my compact fluorescent light kit. Here are a few photos, hope you enjoy them:

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