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Food photography for Pokeatery in San Mateo

It was my second time visiting and photographing food for this great family owned restaurant. It was awesome to see that they had made some new changes to their restaurant since last year that I was here. They have added some new delicious items to their menu too, like their new toast!

I really like photographing food that has a lot of colors, like Poke, and sushi. There are endless ways of designing the plates and coming up with a color combination that works best. As usual for this photoshoot I used my full frame canon 6D camera, with my 24-105mm f/4 lens. I find that having a zoom lens gives me the flexibility of moving around and easily zooming into parts of the dish that I like. Especially having a macro lens is very ideal for these types of photoshoots as well.

As I begin expanding my photography business I’m looking forward to traveling to new places and meeting up with restaurant owners and Chefs from around the world. So if you are looking to have your dishes photographed feel free to contact me and I would love to arrange a time to discuss your project.

Here are a few sample shots I took at Pokeatery in San Mateo:

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