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Modern Downtown Victorian real estate photo session | Campbell, California | Airbnb Photoshoot

It’s been super fun working with Airbnb on their program, and photographing some of their new unique homes. This one was especially nice because the hosts were super awesome as well. They had bought this victorian home near downtown campbell many years ago, and had spend a lot of time designing and fixing it up.

I can easily say it was one of my favorite homes that I’ve photographed in a while. Not just the physical aspects of the house, but the overall feel of it.

Here are a few of my favorite photographs from the day.

I used my Canon 6D Mark II, with my 17-40mm f/4 lens along with my prime Canon 50mm f1.4 lense for detail shots. All natural light was used during this photo session. Be sure to follow my blogs to learn more about the next project that I’ll be working on.

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