Top 5 photoshoot tips at Garden of The Gods in Colorado Springs

One of my favorite places to photograph people in Colorado Springs has to be Garden of The Gods. This is a beautiful park, with Pikes Peak in its background. It’s a free park, which means you won’t be paying any entrance fee or parking fees!

Here are my top five tips to make sure your photo session is fun and goes as smoothly as possible at Garden of The Gods in Colorado Springs.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

You can technically wear whatever you feel like just make sure to bring an extra pair of shoes, so you can walk down the trails easily. If you plan on seeing more of the park, plan one wearing something comfortable. The park is huge with lots of great places to explore. I always recommend neutral colors for clothes, but honestly the best option is always what you feel most comfortable wearing. Let your personality show!

Get there early to find parking and avoid the crowd

It’s always recommended to get there earlier to find parking at least 15-30 minutes before. Garden of The Gods park is free, so no entrance fee nor parking! It can get busy during the weekends, so plan on getting there earlier. I recommend parking at the overflow parking lot right before you enter the park, make a left at Gateway Rd. There is a good chance you’ll find a spot there. There are plenty of parking spots throughout the park. It’s all free parking!38.876466, -104.870762

Choosing the best time

One of the most common questions I get asked is what is the best time for doing the photo session to get the ideal lighting and flattering images. I recommend right after sunrise in the morning and an hour before the sunsets. These will create the most flattering images and are always the best options.

Style and poses

Browse the internet and different websites to find the styles and pose that you like to capture. I consider my style documentary photography were I capture people in their natural habitat, but it’s always good to have an idea of what you are looking to create before going to the session.

Book your photo session online

Lastly please feel free to book a session with me online. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Airbnb and have created a 1 hour photo session at Garden of the Gods partnering with Airbnb Experiences.

You can simply book a session by visiting the Airbnb’s website below, or through my own website:

I’m stoked to be meeting you soon, and capturing some fun shots at Garden of The Gods!


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