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A Family Adventure at Garden of The Gods: Monica & Landon's Family Session


Nestled in the heart of Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods stands as a majestic natural wonder, offering breathtaking views, towering red rock formations, and a serene backdrop for cherished family moments. On a beautiful afternoon, Monica, Landon, and their two adorable daughters, Kaidyn and Rosalie, embarked on a memorable family session amidst this stunning natural setting. Surrounded by their extended family, this family of four experienced a day filled with laughter, exploration, and genuine connection.

A Grand Gathering

Monica and Landon's family session at Garden of the Gods was a grand affair, with a total of 16 people coming together to celebrate their love and togetherness. As the sun bathed the towering rock formations in a warm, golden hue, we kicked off the day by capturing this extended family in all their glory. Siblings, cousins, and grandparents all joined in for a group portrait that encapsulated the joy and unity that family brings.

Capturing the Essence

We dedicated the first 15-20 minutes to photographing the entire group, ensuring that each family member had their moment to shine. The magnificent landscape of Garden of the Gods provided a stunning backdrop, and the love and laughter that filled the air made every click of the camera truly magical.

As the family gathered for their group photos, I couldn't help but notice the genuine bond that tied them all together. The smiles, the hugs, and the playful interactions spoke volumes about the strong connections that make family so special.

A Focus on Monica, Landon, and Their Little Ones

After capturing the whole family, we shifted our attention to the stars of the day: Monica, Landon, Kaidyn, and Rosalie. With the majestic red rocks as their backdrop, the family's individuality and connection took center stage. The couple's love for each other and their precious daughters was beautifully evident in every shot.

The Beauty of Conversations

What made this family session truly unforgettable was the heartfelt conversations I shared with Monica and Landon. As we ventured deeper into the heart of Garden of the Gods, we talked about their journey, their aspirations, and their dreams for their family. These intimate conversations allowed me to capture not only their physical beauty but also their emotional connection.

Photographing Love and Laughter

The golden hour bathed Garden of the Gods in a soft, warm light, creating an enchanting atmosphere for our photo shoot. As Monica, Landon, Kaidyn, and Rosalie laughed, played, and shared tender moments, I clicked away, capturing their love story one frame at a time.

The result was a collection of photographs that radiated the family's love and joy. From candid moments of Kaidyn and Rosalie exploring the park to the quiet glances between Monica and Landon, each image told a unique and beautiful story.


Monica and Landon's family session at Garden of the Gods was a testament to the power of family and the beauty of natural surroundings. As they celebrated their love, their two precious daughters, and the support of their extended family, every click of the camera captured a piece of their incredible journey.

Garden of the Gods, with its towering red rock formations and awe-inspiring vistas, proved to be the perfect backdrop for this special day. Monica, Landon, Kaidyn, and Rosalie's love story, surrounded by the warmth of family, created a photographic journey that I will treasure forever.

In the end, it was more than just a family session; it was a celebration of love, connection, and the power of shared moments amidst the wonders of nature. Monica, Landon, Kaidyn, and Rosalie's family adventure at Garden of the Gods will be a cherished memory for years to come, captured in every frame and etched in their hearts.

For more information on family photography sessions and to book your own memorable experience, please visit Bobak Radbin's Website or contact me at We look forward to creating beautiful memories with your family!


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