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Automobile photography session at U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum | Colorado Springs

Photographing cars can be challenging, but when I take on these projects I try to make the most out of it and have fun. On this day I got to photograph a Buick Enclave AWD and a BMW 430i near the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum here in Colorado Springs.

The couple needed these photos so they could add them to Turo. If you haven’t used them before you have to give them a try, it’s basically the Airbnb for renting out cars. I’ve used them on several travels myself and have been very happy with them. Here is their website:

On this specific day we got huge lightning strikes and a bit of rain, but we were lucky and were able to capture all the shots we needed before it started pouring down.

Here are my top three tips for photographing cars outside:

  1. Shoot on an overcast day, this essentially creates a natural softbox for the car

  2. Plan on spending at least one hour per car to get all the details you need

  3. Make sure you ask the owners to really clean and details the car beforehand

Feel free to send me an email to, so we can plan the perfect auto photography session here in Colorado Springs!

Instagram: @bobakradbin

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