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Capturing the Essence of AK Construction's Masterpiece: A Real Estate Photography Journey in Sunnyvale, CA


In the vibrant city of Sunnyvale, California, nestled amidst the beauty of AK Construction's new build, I, Bobak Radbin, had the incredible opportunity to bring their architectural masterpiece to life through my lens. As a filmmaker and photographer based in the scenic Colorado Springs, I thrive on destination projects and the chance to capture the unique stories that each project unfolds.

The Project:

The collaboration with AK Construction in 2019 was a testament to the fusion of art and architecture. Their new build in Sunnyvale presented a canvas of modern design, intricate details, and a commitment to excellence that demanded to be captured. The challenge and excitement of showcasing this architectural gem through my lens fueled my passion for real estate photography.

Unveiling the Aesthetics:

The property exuded a sense of sophistication and modernity. From the sleek lines of the exterior to the thoughtfully designed interiors, every corner spoke of AK Construction's dedication to quality craftsmanship. My goal was to not just document the physical structure but to convey the essence of the living spaces – the interplay of light, the warmth of the color palette, and the seamless blend of form and function.

Challenges and Triumphs:

Photographing a new build comes with its own set of challenges. Ensuring that each room and angle was captured in its best light, both literally and figuratively, required meticulous planning. Additionally, I wanted to showcase the property in different moods, from the bright Californian sunshine casting a warm glow to the subtle play of shadows during the golden hour.

The Personal Touch:

As a filmmaker and photographer, I believe in adding a personal touch to every project. Beyond capturing the architectural details, I aimed to convey the potential lifestyle that the property offered. Whether it was the inviting ambiance of the living room or the panoramic views from the expansive windows, I wanted prospective buyers to envision themselves in this space.

A Glimpse into the Process:

For those interested in the technical aspect, my photography process involves a blend of natural light and strategically placed artificial lighting to highlight key features. Every angle is carefully considered, and post-processing is done with precision to enhance but not distort the reality of the property.

Availability for Destination Projects:

Living in Colorado Springs, I find inspiration in diverse landscapes and architectural styles. I'm passionate about destination projects and always eager to explore new opportunities. Whether it's capturing the charm of a coastal retreat or the grandeur of an urban skyline, my lens is ready to tell the story.

Connect with Bobak Radbin:

For those seeking a storyteller for their architectural projects, I invite you to explore my portfolio at Feel free to reach out to me at to discuss your vision, whether it's a local project in Colorado Springs or a captivating destination elsewhere.


The AK Construction project in Sunnyvale remains a highlight in my real estate photography journey. It was more than just capturing a building; it was about preserving the vision, passion, and craftsmanship that define AK Construction's commitment to excellence. As I continue to embark on new adventures, I look forward to the next opportunity to bring architectural stories to life through the lens of my camera.

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