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Capturing the Spirit of Teamwork: AK Construction Office Photoshoot by Bobak Radbin


In 2018, I had the incredible opportunity to conduct a photoshoot for AK Construction, a prominent construction company based in Menlo Park, CA. As a photographer passionate about capturing the essence of teamwork and company culture, this project allowed me to showcase the vibrant spirit of AK Construction's team. Fast forward to today, and I'm excited to share the story behind the lens.

  1. Getting to Know AK Construction: Before diving into the photoshoot details, let's take a moment to understand AK Construction's values and ethos. Known for their dedication to quality workmanship and collaborative efforts, AK Construction prides itself on fostering a positive and dynamic work environment.

  2. Planning the Photoshoot: Every great photoshoot begins with meticulous planning. I collaborated closely with AK Construction to understand their vision and objectives for the shoot. We discussed potential locations within the office and identified key team members to feature.

  3. Showcasing Team Dynamics: One of the primary goals was to capture the genuine camaraderie among AK Construction's team members. From the boardroom to the construction site, I aimed to showcase the seamless collaboration and shared enthusiasm that defines the company's culture.

  4. Highlighting the Office Space: The office environment plays a crucial role in reflecting a company's identity. Through carefully composed shots, I sought to highlight the unique and professional atmosphere of AK Construction's workspace, giving viewers a glimpse into their day-to-day operations.

  5. Individual Portraits: While emphasizing the collective spirit, it was equally important to capture the individual personalities that contribute to AK Construction's success. I spent time photographing key team members, ensuring that their unique strengths and roles were highlighted.

  6. Behind the Scenes: In addition to formal portraits, I documented behind-the-scenes moments, offering a candid look at the energy and dedication that goes into AK Construction's projects. These authentic glimpses provide a more holistic view of the team's commitment.

  7. Post-Processing Magic: Back in the editing room, I applied subtle enhancements to bring out the best in each photograph. The goal was to maintain authenticity while ensuring that the images truly reflected the vibrancy of AK Construction's team.

Conclusion: The AK Construction office photoshoot was not just about capturing images; it was about telling a story of teamwork, passion, and success. As I reminisce about this project from my current location in Colorado Springs, the memories of that day continue to inspire my work. To view the full collection of photographs, visit or reach out to me at


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