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Celebrating Amanda's Graduation at UCCS! (A Photo Session Story)

Hey everyone, Bobak Radbin here! As a filmmaker and photographer in Colorado Springs, I get to capture some incredible moments. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Amanda on a truly special shoot - her graduation photos at the beautiful University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS).

Amanda was all set to graduate, and she wanted some portraits to commemorate this exciting milestone. UCCS has a stunning campus, and we decided to use its iconic architecture and scenic spots as the backdrop for her photos.

Capturing UCCS Spirit and Amanda's Joy

The day of the shoot was bright and sunny, perfect for highlighting the vibrant UCCS campus. We started by capturing some classic graduation shots near the iconic main building. Amanda looked radiant in her cap and gown, and her smile was truly infectious.

As we explored the campus, we found some hidden nooks and crannies that offered unique perspectives. We even ventured near the picturesque fountain, where Amanda's playful personality shone through.

More Than Just Graduation Photos

While graduation was the main theme, the session went beyond just capturing the traditional poses. We wanted to showcase Amanda's individuality and her connection to UCCS. We incorporated elements that reflected her personality, such as her favorite spots on campus and activities she enjoyed during her college years.

The entire session was filled with laughter and happy memories. It was clear how much UCCS meant to Amanda, and I'm thrilled that I could capture this special chapter in her life.

Looking for Graduation Photos in Colorado Springs?

Are you graduating soon and looking for photos to commemorate the occasion? I'd love to chat and discuss how we can create a unique and memorable graduation portrait session for you. Whether you prefer a classic look on campus or a more adventurous shoot in a different location, I'm here to make your vision a reality.

You can find out more about my services on my website: [] or feel free to reach out to me at: []

Congratulations once again to Amanda on her graduation! Here's to an exciting future ahead.


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