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Family Photo Session at Garden of The Gods: Capturing Memories with Tanner, Mary, Grace, Leo, and Liam

Hello everyone! I’m Bobak Radbin, a filmmaker and photographer based in the picturesque Colorado Springs. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful family session with Tanner, Mary, and their three delightful children: Grace, Leo, and Liam, at the iconic Garden of The Gods. This experience was a blend of stunning landscapes and genuine family moments, making it one of my favorite sessions to date.

The Setting: Garden of The Gods

Nestled in Colorado Springs, Garden of The Gods is a natural wonder that offers a breathtaking backdrop for any photo session. With its towering red rock formations, sweeping views, and vibrant flora, it’s no wonder this location is a favorite for many of my clients. The early morning light illuminated the rocks, casting a magical glow that perfectly complemented the family's warm and loving dynamic.

Meet the Family

Tanner and Mary are a wonderful couple whose love for their children shines through every interaction. Grace, the eldest, is a spirited and curious young girl with a contagious smile. Leo, with his boundless energy, kept us all entertained with his playful antics. Little Liam, the youngest, brought his own charm with his adorable giggles and wide-eyed wonder at the surroundings.

Capturing the Moments

We started the session with some candid shots as the family explored the trails. The kids were immediately drawn to the intriguing rock formations, which provided a natural playground for them. I captured Grace leading her brothers on a mini adventure, with Tanner and Mary following closely behind, their faces glowing with pride and joy.

As we moved to different spots within the park, I took advantage of the diverse scenery. One of my favorite shots was of the family sitting together on a large rock, with the majestic red peaks framing them perfectly. The love and connection between them were palpable, making every shot feel genuine and heartfelt.

Posed and Candid Shots

I believe the best family photos are a mix of posed and candid moments. We took some time to get a few traditional family portraits, ensuring everyone looked their best. But the magic really happened in the candid moments – like when Leo spontaneously started dancing, making everyone laugh, or when Grace gently held Liam's hand, guiding him over a small hill.

A Personal Touch

Working with Tanner and Mary’s family was a reminder of why I love what I do. It’s about more than just taking pictures; it’s about capturing the essence of each family’s unique story. Watching them interact, laugh, and love was a privilege, and I’m grateful to have been a part of their journey, even if just for a morning.

Looking Ahead

If you’re in the Colorado Springs area, or if you’re planning a trip here, I would love to help you capture your special moments. Whether it’s an elopement, engagement, family session, or personal branding project, I’m always ready for the next adventure. Feel free to reach out via my website or email me at

Thank you, Tanner, Mary, Grace, Leo, and Liam, for letting me be a part of your day. Your family is truly special, and I hope these photos bring you joy for years to come.

Warm regards,

Bobak Radbin


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