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Garden of The Gods photography session with Airbnb Experiences

I’ve been able to meet and photograph many awesome people ever since I’ve moved here to Colorado Springs thanks to Airbnb Experiences!

What a wonderful feeling living and being so close to all the beautiful mountains at such a high altitude here in Colorado (6,035′ above sea level!).

After about a month of moving here I finally heard about Airbnb Experiences. At first I had no idea what it was about, so ended up doing some research. I’ve always been a huge fan of Airbnb and have used them to find amazing places and people when traveling. I’ve been lucky to meet so many cool hosts and have been inspired by them in many ways.

I looked up many different experiences online all over the world and finally decided to create one here in Colorado Springs.

Garden of The Gods is by far one of my favorite parks here in Colorado. It’s full of wildlife and offers a beautiful relaxing landscape to those who decide to visit.

The park was a private land owned by Charles Elliott Perkin. According to wikipedia Charles Elliott Perkins was an “American businessman and president of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad.” His family donated the land to the public in 1909 and there only wish was that it be kept free forever to the public.

I decided to combine my passion for the outdoors and photography to create this unique experience. Airbnb has been awesome they even offered me my own personal link:

Here are a few of my favorite people and moments that I was able to capture at Garden of The Gods:

Please feel free to reach out, so together we can create something special.


Tel: (408) 332-0702

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