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How to photograph a large family at Garden of The Gods in Colorado

This was one session that I’ll remember for a long time, so much fun!

Photographing large families can be challenging but also super rewarding once you get the shots you need.

My number one tip is to have fun during your session. When you are enjoying yourself and having fun, people around you will feel the same. There is a reason they say smiling is contagious! I’m pretty much smiling from the moment I say hi to my clients to the hugs I give them at the end.

“Bobak was so great, we have 17 in our family, 7 of those grandkids. He was patient and fun, it was a great experience! Thanks Bobak!” - Sheree

Here are a few tips for photographing large families:

  1. Start with large groups first, photographing the entire family at the beginning, and slowly taking people out and photographing individual families. (see samples below)

  2. Like I said, don't forget to have fun! It will show in your photographs and kids like being silly often, so take that to your advantage for capturing unique fun photographs.

  3. Make sure the kids have lots of snacks and water to keep them engaged.

  4. Plan on arriving early to the location, that’s true for almost every session

Feel free to send me an email to, so we can plan the perfect family photography session here in Colorado Springs!

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