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One night backpacking at South Colony Lakes in Colorado

Went on a short backpacking trip with Amoo Ardalan and Aspen a few weeks ago. South Colony Lakes was an amazing hike surrounded by many 14ers. I attempted to climb Mount Humboldt Peak (14,065′) with Aspen on our second day and only made it to about 13,000 feet. It was very rocky at the top and made it difficult to get up there.

On our first day the hike up to the lakes was full of wildflowers, and signing birds. It didn’t end up raining until we got to the lake, and oh boy did it rain after that! It was kind of like having a little monsoon up there in the mountains. Everything got pretty much soaking wet including Aspen.

Somehow we made it through the night without getting completely soaked. With the help of Ardalan of course getting out of his tent and fixing ours in the middle of all the crazy weather and rain. The next morning was absolutely gorgeous! Having a view of all the mountains surrounded by a calm lake. It was very peaceful!


Day 1: Drive to South Colony Lakes from Colorado Springs (105 miles about 2 h 38 min drive)

Note: You will need a 4x4 vehicle with a high clearance in the last section of the drive otherwise you need to park your car at the bottom and hike the extra 2 miles or so to get to the trailhead of South Colony Lakes.

Getting to the first lake is about 3.9 miles from the trailhead at the top. If you decide not to hike any of the summits once you get to the lake the total hike should be 8.9 miles.

Day 2: Tried and hiked Humboldt Peak and reached about 13,000 feet before turning back down to the lake.

We ended up hiking back after relaxing the whole day by the lake.


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