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SCP Hotel photography session in Colorado Springs, CO

A few months ago I got the opportunity to photograph this unique hotel in Colorado Springs. It’s located near The Broadmoor World Arena, and very conveniently has access to Hwy 25. It's a great example and reminder of the endless potentials of this awesome city, and what it will become in a few years!

From the outside it looks just like any other normal hotel, but once you get closer and step inside everything changes in a wonderful way! You’ll instantly feel more relaxed, and are welcomed with a big smile at the reception area. The staff and workers seem to be enjoying the space, as much as their visitors.

They have an amazing open lobby area with lots of natural light and beautiful green plants decorated nicely throughout the space. A cool looking bar section right where you check in, and behind that you have an awesome shopping area were you can find lots of healthy snack options.

Our mission is to provide holistic hospitality for people desiring to make positive choices for themselves, for humankind and for our planet.”

Their mission statement pretty much sums up the feeling of when you walk into the space. They had remodeled their common area, yoga room, and a few other sections that I got to photograph. I focused on a lot of the details, and tried to show the feeling of space and time.

It’s great being so close to all the beautiful mountains at such a high altitude here in Colorado (6,035′ above sea level!). If you are visiting Colorado Springs and looking for a nice place to stay, chill, exercise, and feel alive this is the hotel for you.

Please feel free to reach out so together we can create something special!


Tel: (408) 332-0702

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