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A Culinary Canvas: Food Photography Session at AnQi Bistro with Bobak Radbin

In the vibrant city of Costa Mesa, nestled in the heart of Orange County, AnQi Bistro stands as a beacon of Modern Asian Cuisine and Private Dining. In 2019, this culinary gem had the privilege of being captured through the lens of the talented filmmaker and photographer, Bobak Radbin, hailing from the picturesque Colorado Springs. This blog post chronicles the vivid and delectable journey of a food photography session that brought AnQi's colorful dishes to life.

Capturing Culinary Artistry:

Bobak Radbin, a creative visionary known for his prowess in both filmmaking and photography, embarked on a captivating food photography session at AnQi Bistro. Armed with a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Bobak skillfully transformed each dish into a visual masterpiece.

From the moment he set foot in AnQi's elegant ambiance, Bobak was enchanted by the fusion of modern aesthetics and traditional Asian flavors. The challenge lay in capturing not just the taste, but also the essence and vibrancy of each dish.

A Symphony of Colors:

One of the defining features of AnQi's culinary creations is the burst of colors that adorn each plate. From the rich reds of the Dragon Fruit Salad to the golden hues of the Crispy Garlic Lobster Noodles, Bobak Radbin masterfully brought out the visual allure of every dish.

Through careful composition and creative lighting, Bobak transformed the dining experience into a visual feast. The images captured tell a story of culinary artistry, inviting viewers to savor the dishes with their eyes before even taking a bite.

Destination Projects and Travel:

Bobak Radbin's passion for his craft extends beyond his local boundaries. As a filmmaker and photographer always eager for new challenges, Bobak is all in for destination projects. His portfolio reflects a diverse range of locations and subjects, showcasing his adaptability and skill in capturing the essence of every project.

Whether it's the bustling streets of a city or the serene landscapes of nature, Bobak's lens captures the beauty in every frame. An advocate for travel, he brings a unique perspective to each project, infusing it with the energy and charm of the surroundings.

Connect with Bobak Radbin:

For those seeking a creative collaborator for their next project, Bobak Radbin is the name to remember. With a portfolio that speaks volumes and a passion for storytelling through visuals, Bobak is the go-to artist for those who desire to capture moments in time with style and finesse.

Visit his website,, to explore his extensive portfolio and get a glimpse of his artistic journey. For inquiries and collaborations, reach out to him at


AnQi Bistro's culinary delights were not just enjoyed on the plate but were immortalized through the lens of Bobak Radbin, a maestro in the art of visual storytelling. The collaboration between this talented photographer and the esteemed restaurant resulted in a series of images that not only showcase the flavors of Modern Asian Cuisine but also celebrate the aesthetic beauty of culinary art. Bobak Radbin's dedication to his craft and his willingness to embark on destination projects make him a sought-after creative force in the world of photography and filmmaking.


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