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A Memorable Photography Session with Dr. Bliss Zin in Campbell, CA

Greetings, readers! I'm Bobak Radbin, a passionate filmmaker and photographer based in the picturesque Colorado Springs. Today, I am thrilled to share the story of a recent destination project that took me to Campbell, CA, where I had the pleasure of capturing the spirit and unity of Dr. Bliss Zin and her incredible team through a captivating office photography session.

Setting the Stage:

Dr. Bliss Zin's office, nestled in the heart of Campbell, proved to be the perfect canvas for my lens. The vibrant energy of the team and the modern aesthetic of the workspace provided an ideal backdrop for creating visual narratives that reflect the essence of their professional journey.

Meeting Dr. Bliss Zin and the Team:

Before diving into the photography session, I had the privilege of getting to know Dr. Bliss Zin and her team personally. Their commitment to excellence, passion for their work, and the strong sense of camaraderie were evident from the moment I stepped into their office. This initial connection played a crucial role in shaping the narrative I wanted to convey through my lens.

Crafting the Narrative:

The goal of the photography session was to capture the genuine moments that make Dr. Bliss Zin's team stand out. From candid shots during team meetings to individual portraits that showcase their unique personalities, every click aimed to tell a story of dedication, teamwork, and shared success.

Highlighting the Workspace:

The office itself was a treasure trove of visual elements. Clean lines, contemporary decor, and the meticulous organization of the space added an extra layer to the storytelling. Through my lens, I aimed to showcase not just the individuals but also the environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Embracing Diversity:

Dr. Bliss Zin's team is a testament to diversity and inclusion. The photography session celebrated the unique contributions of each team member, fostering a sense of pride and unity. The images captured reflect the strength that comes from embracing differences and working together towards a common goal.

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes:

As a filmmaker and photographer, I find beauty in the unscripted moments. From the laughter during a coffee break to the serious discussions in the conference room, I made sure to capture the authenticity of the team dynamics. These behind-the-scenes shots add a touch of reality to the visual narrative.


The photography session with Dr. Bliss Zin and her team in Campbell, CA, was not just about creating stunning visuals; it was about encapsulating the essence of a workplace that thrives on unity, diversity, and passion for their craft. Through my lens, I hope to convey the story of a team that not only excels in their professional endeavors but also cherishes the bonds that make their collective journey truly remarkable.

Connect with me:

If you're inspired by the story and looking to embark on a visual journey of your own, whether it's in Colorado Springs or beyond, feel free to explore my portfolio at I'm always ready for new destination projects and available to travel. For inquiries, drop me a line at Let's capture your story together!


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