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Cheyenn + Collin anniversary couple photography session at Garden of The Gods | Colorado Springs

Winter is my favorite season of the year, I love the snow!

I guess that is what I was missing when living in California, and one of the reasons that made me move. Growing up in Tehran, Iran we had four seasons just like here in Colorado. Actually pretty much a very similar landscape, obviously with a lot less buildings and people!

I’m so happy to call this place home now. It has brought me so much joy meeting so many cool people from all over the state.

This was one of my favorite sessions this year with Chey and Collin, so much fun! Hoping to visit you guys in your hometown soon so you can show me around.

“We are extremely satisfied and so happy we chose Bobak for this experience!! It was our first time at Garden of the Gods and Bobak was sure to give us a bit of historical insight on the place, which is super interesting by the way! Right from the start, we knew we really liked this guy. This is our type we look for. He’s very outgoing, friendly, and has a great sense of humor. We were all laughing and smiling like old friends the entire session. Literally. HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOBAK!! ” - Cheyenn W.

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